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Sleeping with a Nightcap / Hairbonnet

Discover the Ultimate Sleep for your Precious Dreadlocks with the Comfortable Soft Sleeping Cap from Dreads & Frutsels

sleeping with a nightcap is better for your dreadlocks
Nightcap from Dreads&Deco

Have you ever woken up worrying about the well-being of your dreads while you sleep? Whether you have dreadlocks, braids, waves, curls or braids, your hair deserves the best care, even while you rest. That is why Dreads & Frutsels proudly introduces the Comfortable Soft Sleeping Cap - the ultimate solution for a carefree night's sleep.

A Heavenly Cocoon for your Hair:

Our nightcap is made of luxurious polyester and has a silky soft satin lining. This combination provides your hair with a soft, protective cocoon while you sleep. Measuring generously at 60cm long and 26cm wide, the hat is specially designed to accommodate even the longest dreadlocks and other hair types effortlessly.

Innovative and Comfortable Design:

Unlike traditional nightcaps, our tube-shaped nightcap offers a slimmer profile around your head. This design gives you more freedom of movement and comfort while sleeping. The durable elastic band ensures the hat stays firmly in place, so you can enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep without worrying about shifting.

Benefits for your Hair:

Our satin nightcap offers numerous benefits for your hair. The silky satin prevents friction between your hair and cotton pillowcases, reducing frizz. Additionally, satin helps maintain your hair's natural moisture balance, so it stays hydrated and healthy even after refinishing your dreads.

Colorful Choices and Luxury:

Available in a range of beautiful colours, our Comfortable Soft Sleeping Cap adds a touch of luxury and functionality to your evening routine. Every morning you will wake up with radiant locks, ready to start the day.

Size Options for Every Need:

To meet different needs, we offer the nightcap in two sizes:

- Size M : Tube-shaped, ideal for a slim profile and maximum freedom of movement.

- Size L : Head section with more space, perfect for extra volume and comfort.

Give Yourself and Your Hair the Rest It Deserves:

Discover the difference the Comfortable Soft Nightcap from Dreads & Frutsels can make in your hair care routine. Give your dreads the rest and protection they need and wake up every morning with beautiful, healthy hair. Welcome to the world of sleeping comfort with Dreads & Frutsels!

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