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Dreadwrap & Bead

Dreadwrap & Bead


Dread wraps !💛
Do you want something nice in your dreads? What is easy and quick to get in and out?

Then the dreadwrap is a nice addition for your hair or dreads. You don't have to sleep or shower with it, because you can remove the wrap very easily.

Without decorating your dreads with solid materials, a wrap will give you a super nice look very quickly!

All wraps are handmade, and there is only 1 of them.  Really unique so ✨

Dread and hair wraps of vegan-friendly material. The wraps are made with love, and contain the most beautiful stones, pieces of fabric and beads.

All materials are vegan, and no feathers etc are used.

Both can be braided into normal hair by means of a braid.

Or to use in your dreads as a nice addition.


This set comes with a faux leather dreadbead, which has the same colors and beads as the wrap.

A beautiful set!