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HIYA bracelet

HIYA bracelet

€ 15,50 Regular Price
€ 7,75Sale Price

A beautiful bracelet, handmade in a sweet glass bottle. The bottle is provided with a cork & cards, which you prefer to write on. The tube is packed in a separate packaging that you will receive.


Birambi stands for everything white, minimalist and aesthetically pleasing. But: the concept goes further than just minimalist products. In this digital age we send  messages mainly via e-mail and chats, which makes gifts less and less personal. How often do you get a real birthday card? Or a spontaneous surprise in your letterbox, different from the post from the tax authorities? Exactly that. That's why we're going back to basics: a simple  bottle mail .

We use different types of test tubes for our product packaging. And no bottle mail without a letter of course! All these bottles contain a personal message from the sender. In this way we want to surprise people with something small and, above all, personal. By keeping our prices low, we try to make as many people as possible happy with these personal and original gifts through the old-fashioned post. Hey, are we secretly seeing all your  first smile? ;-)