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Headband Warm Copper

Headband Warm Copper


Natural headbands


Each stitch handmade, at a slow pace, to be worn and enjoyed.

The headbands are made out of love and passion.

All natural materials, sheep wool. Some hand spun, some hand dyed.


They are perfect for different weather conditions, when it rains it keeps your head warm even when wet. And when it is cold, the wool ensures that the cold does not penetrate.


The bands were made by a person with dreadlocks, so from experience they are designed to be worn with dreadlocks.

The straps are wide and therefore a One-Fit.
It always fits nicely and the wool springs nicely.


We have 2 different types of tires in our range. 

Wider ones in multiple colors and narrower ones in 1 color have been made.