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About dreads & decorations 



My name is Nelleke and I started Dreads&Frutsels in 2017.

Dreadlocks and decoration have been my passion for years.


I started my salon at home, which provided dreadlocks to many wonderful people.

After a few years, I settled in a 'real' salon.

And the team was expanded with great employees.


My passion for trinkets and decorations has always been present because as a florist I was able to do many decorations for years. 

Especially the love for beautiful handmade products and small crafts is something that makes me very happy. 



There is a story behind every product, and that is the power of Dreads&Frutsels. 

I can bring this to life in my webshop. 

My search for decoration materials, beads and honest products always continues.


I have run my salon full-time for 5 years and not only with a fantastic team.

As a result, the webshop came in 2nd place and I noticed that running 2 shops was asking too much of me. 


That is why I have chosen a new start in 2022.

And I now run my webshop full-time and also make custom dreadlocks and dreadsets.

With or without frills, but always with a personal story.


I have been wearing my own dreadlocks with love and pride for 19 years.

And I hope I can continue to do this for many years to come.


I love animals, people and nature and in this nice way I can combine and express this as best as possible. 


I wish you lots of shopping fun at Dreads&Frutsels.


With kind regards,



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