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Verzorging ( Dreadlocks / Sieraden / Dreadwraps)


I make all dreadlocks by hand, with care and love.
It's up to you how long you hold your set.
The average time before you have the set braided again is 6-8 weeks.
You can use your dreadset for years, although it will fluff or become messier over time.
The hairs can also become looser if you have been using the set for some time.

If you have the dreadset re-braided several times, it is hygienic to wash it in between.
You can do this quite easily by putting your set in a pillowcase and washing it in the washing machine.
Do this on a hand wash setting, or a setting without a spin cycle.
Some washing machines also have a short program.
15 minutes of washing and turning is enough to be able to use your set nice and fresh again!



Keep your jewelry beautiful!

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you enjoy your jewelry for years to come.

1: Keep your jewelry out of the water to prevent tarnishing, wear from washing, and build up of soap and body care products.

2: Remove jewelry while sleeping to avoid breaking connections due to movement and friction against pillows, etc.

3: Wooden beads are naturally finished, so they should be kept out of the water. To rejuvenate your beads, occasionally apply boiled linseed oil with a soft cloth.

4: Keep feather items dry and away from body products or oils. Ferry items may only be worn during the day. Unnecessary wear and tear can cause damage.

5: To rejuvenate the depth and color of your crystals and shells, apply mineral oil sparingly with a soft cloth. Remove excess oil.


dread wraps :

1 All hair and dread wraps  are made with vegan friendly material.

   If this is not the case, it is always mentioned.

2 The wraps can be attached to dreads using the loop or braided into non-dreaded hair. If you're not sure how to do this, message me and I'll show you!

3 You can wash your wraps with a mild detergent and they should always air dry.

4 Hair wraps and dread wraps with lots of decorations are heavier. If they are uncomfortable, attach them to two dreads.

5 If your crystal comes off, it's easy to glue back with some super glue

hair bands etc.

1 All hair bands, scrunchies, headbands, scarves and hats should be washed by hand.
Many headbands are made of wool, and these can be washed on a wool setting in your washing machine, but they cannot be spun.

It is therefore better to wash by hand to avoid accidents.

I also recommend not to wash them too often. 
But, for example, only if they start to smell a bit musty.

spiral locks  

1 Spiralocks can be washed in the washing machine in, for example, a bra bag.

If you don't have these, you can also wash them in a pillowcase.

Always make sure that you do not wash them warmer than 40 degrees.

Centrifugation is no problem.

2 Spiralocks don't like to be bent at right angles.

Of course you can make extensive knots with Spiralocks, but if you always squeeze them too tight so that the inner thread is squeezed too tight in the same direction, the inner thread can eventually break.

As a result, the outer fabric dangles around the thread.

So make sure that you also handle your Spiralock with care, and that way you can use it for years!

Dreads&Frutsels cannot be held liable for accidents related to the use of the products

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