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Custom orders

Order form custom dreadlocks.

to order a dreadset you can fill in this form and email it to me. ( with in the subject : Order form dreads 

I will contact you after receiving the order form.

The average delivery time of an ordered set is 14 days.


Clipin Dreads:           €8.50 p.pc.

SE dreads:  1 to 10      €8.50

Larger numbers            €7.50

DE dreads:  €8.00 per double dread

( 2 dreads with a spacer)

synthetic hair extensions:€7.50 each

1 to 10                                    €8.50 each

Extensions Dutch Human hair €9.50 each

Embellishment: choose from your own budget, then choose

I the beads / decorations as desired.

Or beads from the shop, these are priced.

* Explanation types of dreads.

Clip-in dreads can be clipped into your loose hair.

SE dreadlock 
dreadlocks with a loop can be used as SE dreadlocks between your own dreadlocks 
( accent set ) or to be braided in your loose hair.


THE Dreadlocks
DE (Double) dreadlocks are 2 dreads with an intermediate piece to
are braided. 1 DE dreadlock is therefore 2 dreadlocks with an intermediate piece.


Extensions can be used as a dread extension, they are made with loose hair at the top to attach as an extension to your own dread.


Custom orders
bestel formulier 

Heb je andere vragen en weet je niet goed wat je moet invullen ? Neem dan contact op met zoveel mogelijk info uit onderstaande vragen. 

Dan kan ik je verder opweg helpen!

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Bestand uploaden

Bedankt voor de bestelling, je hoort zsm van mij!

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