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The Headband Hippy

The Headband Hippy

€ 37,50Price

This original headband is back in our range!

An honest product that has received a lot of attention and has been carefully put together.


These hair bands are woven and assembled piece by piece by hand. The materials are a combination of pure wool, recycled fabric and vegan materials such as cotton, acrylic and linen. 


The materials that are purchased new are purchased from small private shops and at the market in rural Hungary to support the local population. The result is above all a 'fair' product for both the earth and its population. The way of purchasing and weaving makes each piece unique, because not once exactly the same materials and techniques are used. 


The different hair bands can be worn by an adjustable back.

They have an extra lace or fabric to tie at the back of your neck, so they always fit perfectly.


I personally have 3 of these headbands. 
They are so well put togethe