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ToggleLOXX Dread Tie Mexico (Oak)

ToggleLOXX Dread Tie Mexico (Oak)


ToggleLOXX is a great solution to tie up your dreadlocks. Super easy to put in and take out. A beautiful accessory that is available in different versions.


The band can extend around dreadlocks with a circumference of 160mm - 380mm (approximately).

The hand-turned wooden ToggleLOXX body   and baton are made from high-quality hardwood, hand-finished and treated with a blend of all-natural waxes, then sealed for durability.


This is a unique product, made with functionality in mind. With the ToggleLOXX you don't have to push your dreadlocks through a hairband, straining the hairband and your locks. It wraps straight around once and then secures in place with the innovative toggle system.


The first photos are of the exact product you will receive.

the last photos are wearing ideas.