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Dreadwrap Macrame Olive/dark red

Dreadwrap Macrame Olive/dark red


🌿 Hand-knotted dreadwrap "AUTUMN LEAF", three-colored, different versions with wooden and brass beads.
The end forms a knotted leaf in macramé technique. Every leaf is a little different, just like in nature🍂

Length approximately 43-45 cm, thickness approximately 4-5 mm, top approximately 20×35 mm

The dreadwrap is available in three colors:
1. Blue spruce/sand
2. Olive/dark red
3. Moss green/ochre
The first photo is always taken outside, the next photo indoors.

Yes! The dread is suitable for both dreadlocks and normal hair!
The dread is secured with a loop that is wrapped two or three times around a real dread.


The dreadwrap is made from Brazilian Linhasita yarn, which is waterproof, colourfast and very durable. To enjoy your hair jewelry for a long time, it is advisable to avoid contact with (salt) water and to take off the dread when you go to bed.