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Dreadwraps vs. Beadwraps

The Difference between Beads and Dreadwraps: Choose the Perfect Accessory for Your Dreads

Macrame Dreadwraps with gemstones
Dreadwraps Dreads&Deco

As a dreadlocks lover, you probably know how important it is to show off your personal style through unique accessories. Beads and dread wraps are two popular choices that can help you enhance and personalize your dreads. In this blog we explain the difference between these two accessories, so you can decide which one suits you best.

Dreadwraps: A Work of Art in your Hair

Dreadwraps are beautiful, handmade decorations that are often inspired by nature. These wraps come in all kinds of shapes, lengths and styles. For example, think of Viking, Pagan or Elvish-like atmospheres. Due to their diversity, they give your hair a unique and personal look that is difficult to match.

Style and Design:

Dreadwraps can transform your hair or dreads in an instant. They are often decorated with the most beautiful details such as beads, pendants, ceramics and porcelain. Each piece is a work of art in itself, so you always have a unique look with a dreadwrap.

Dreadwraps in hair
Dreadwraps Dreads&Deco

Ease of use:

A big advantage of dreadwraps is that they are very easy to get in and out of your hair. You don't have to sleep or shower with it, which means you can easily customize your look without permanent changes to your dreads. This makes dread wraps ideal for those who want to change styles quickly and without hassle.

Unique and Handmade:

Each dreadwrap is handmade with love and attention to detail, meaning there is only one of each wrap. This makes each wrap a unique piece that no one else has. Moreover, they are often made of vegan-friendly materials and contain the most beautiful stones, fabrics and beads.

Braiding and Application:

Dreadwraps can be braided into regular hair or looped into dreads. This makes them versatile and suitable for anyone who wants to freshen up their look.

Braid dreadwrap or in the meantime in your dreadlocks
How do you attach a dreadwrap?

Beadwraps: Subtle Elegance for your Dreads

In addition to the striking and detailed dread wraps, bead wraps are another great option for embellishing your dreads. This jewelry line offers a more subtle way to decorate your hair.

Design and Application:

Beadwraps are placed around your dread with a ring, instead of a loop. This makes them very easy to use. Bead wraps are often shorter than dread wraps and offer a more subtle eye-catcher for your hair. They are perfect for those who want a more understated, but still stylish look.

How to attach a dread and beadwrap.
Dreadwrap or Beadwrap?

Alternating Jewelry Line:

The bead wraps and jewelry line offers a variety of styles and designs, so you can switch up and experiment with different looks. Whether you go for a subtle beadwrap or a more pronounced dreadwrap, you always have a beautiful addition to your hairstyle.

Conclusion: Which one suits you best?

Both dreadwraps and beadwraps offer unique ways to enhance your dreads and show off your personal style.

- Choose dread wraps if you like detailed, striking designs and want the flexibility to quickly change your look.

- Go for bead wraps if you want a more subtle, yet stylish addition to your dreads that is easy to use.

With the unique creations from Dreads&Frutsels you can vary endlessly and give your hair the attention it deserves. Whether you choose the elaborate beauty of a dreadwrap or the subtle charm of a beadwrap, you will always have a unique and personal look. Discover the beautiful collection today and be inspired!

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