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The care of your dreadset & jewelry

Care and Maintenance of Your Dreadset: Tips and Advice

When wearing dreadsets, it is important to pay close attention to the care and maintenance so that you can enjoy your beautiful dreads for as long as possible. Here we provide a comprehensive overview of the correct care methods, with a distinction between wearing wavy/curly dreadsets and straight dreadlocks and/or braids.

Sleeping with a Synthetic Dreadset

It is best to sleep with a satin nightcap (bonnet). This prevents your dreads from frizzing and your braids from coming loose sooner. Felt provides much more friction with your cotton pillowcase, which makes your dreads more likely to frizz. An alternative is a satin pillowcase if you don't want to sleep with a hat. We sell several sizes and colors of nightcaps in our webshop.

Showering with a Synthetic Dreadset

We recommend showering with a large, decent bathing cap. This ensures that your dreads remain dry between washes and prevents steam from entering your dreads every time. Washing can be done at your own discretion whenever you want. We sell five different sizes of swimming caps in our webshop.

Washing Your Synthetic Dreadset

We recommend a dreadlock shampoo for all types of dreadlocks. This ensures that your braids do not become loose due to shampoos that are too soft, and that your dreadset is thoroughly washed, including the core of your dreadlock. A dreadlock shampoo also ensures that your dreadset continues to felt nicely. Drying is very important: make sure your dreadlocks are thoroughly dry before you go to sleep to prevent them from smelling musty.

The most important thing when washing your dreads is to rinse out the shampoo. Shampoo residue quickly remains in your dreadset, which can attract lint later. We sell the entire dread care line from Rawroots, with several shampoos and tasty sprays for the best care of your dread set.

Wash per Dreadlock Type

Straight Dreads : You can wash straight dreads when they are braided on your head, or in a bra bag or pillowcase in the washing machine. Make sure you use a mild detergent, preferably vegan and pH-free.

Wavy Dreads : It is best not to wash Wavy dreads in the washing machine. It is best to wash this type of dread while they are braided, in the shower. Carefully add the shampoo, let it soak in and rinse carefully. Don't scrub your scalp too much to prevent the wavy ends from tangling.

Braids : Washing braids always remains very difficult. If the elastic comes loose, the braids unravel quickly. I would therefore recommend that you avoid getting them dirty and not washing them. If necessary, you can spray them with a Refreshing spray from Rawroots, so that they stay smelling nice and fresh. If you do have to wash your braids, do so carefully with a hand wash.

By following these tips you can enjoy your dreadset to the fullest and ensure that they always look their best! For all your dread care products you can visit our webshop.

Care of your dreadlock jewelry:

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