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Dreadlocks & Braids Autumn

Dreadlocks & Braids Autumn

PriceFrom €85.00

We make a lot of dreadsets to be braided.

This set of dreadlocks consists of the following features.

Color: multiple autumn colors (Caramel blonde, 3 shades of brown)

Decoration: Please indicate in the order. (the set in the photo has €25 worth of decorations) decorations are recreated as best as possible, if everything is in stock. Otherwise, similar beads are selected.

Use: Double dreadlocks and braids for braiding.

Length: You can indicate the length of the dreadlocks.
We make them with loose ends as standard.

- Full head: 60 DE (for braiding or filling your entire head)
- Partials: 30 DE (for filling in your real dreadlocks, or braiding half a head)
- Touch up: 10 DE (for a subtle nice fill of your loose hair, or real dreadlocks)

We also make dreadlocks to order, for example if you want a different color or composition. (prefer single ended dreadlocks for example? or a mix between single and double ended dreadlocks?)

Send an email to: info@dreadsenfrutsels with a photo of your hair color for more information.

All dreadlocks are mixed & blended by hand.

The dreads are hand-dreaded with a needle, so they feel exactly like real dreadlocks.

After backcombing and dreading, we seal the dreads with a professional steam device.

These high-quality dreadlocks will last for years.

They are lightweight and easy to maintain.