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RAWROOTs Crochet Hook

RAWROOTs Crochet Hook

PriceFrom €9.50

Raw Roots Dreadlock Crochet Hook with Bamboo Handle fits well in the hand and makes repairing dreadlocks much more comfortable for your joints.

You insert the crochet hook into a dreadlock and move the needle back and forth.

Then feel your dreadlocks becoming firmer and denser!

Crochet hook with bamboo handle is an ergonomic crochet hook and easy to work with.


With a small crochet hook it is perfect to make your dreadlocks strong and tight.

We have a choice of 1 or 2 needles per handle in size 0.50 mm and 0.75 mm.

make your choice below. 


What is the difference between a 0.50 mm and a 0.75 mm?

The 0.50 mm is a finer needle, you can make a finer dreadlock with it, but you will have to move the needle back and forth more compared to the 0.75 size.


2 needles per handle, faster than 1 needle. 

But this takes practice.

Are you prepared to practice this well? then you will see that your dreadlocks will be finished a lot faster.