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Wavy Dreadlocks Set

Wavy Dreadlocks Set


At Dreads&Frutels we make many custom dreadlocks, so there is not always a set for every wallet.
That's why we now come up with the instant dreadlock!

They are tightly crocheted and are therefore sturdy dreadlocks.

The dreadlocks come in a standard size of 60 cm. 


Color: 2tone Blonde


Quantity: 10SE Wavy dreadlock curls  ( Single ended dreadlocks )


Use: Partial installation (dreadlocks at the bottom of your neck) or as a filler between real dreadlocks for more volume.



These dreadlocks are not manufactured by Dreads&Frutsels, but they do have the quality that we stand behind.


We also make dreadlocks to order, for example if you want a different color or composition.  (prefer double ended dreadlocks for example?)

Send an email to: info@dreadsenfrutsels with a photo of your hair color for more information.


Would you like more information about caring for your dreadset? 

Then read my blog.