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Dreadlocks / Braids Ponytail

Dreadlocks / Braids Ponytail


This nice set of dreadlocks and braids are attached to a handy elastic.

This means you don't have to have dreads set or braided to try dreadlocks.


You can easily twist the elastic around a (half) bun or ponytail. so they drape beautifully around your loose hair.

This is also useful if you already have dreadlocks and are looking for more different structures.


The set comes in a gray / ash shade. varying in different shades of gray.

The set contains:

- 7 dreadlocks with loose ends 

- 6 different types and thicknesses of braids. 

- 5 wavy dreadlocks with loose ends 


The set is decorated with various stainless steel beads and rings.


Length: average 40/45 cm


We also offer this set in 50/55 cm