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Synthetic Jumbo Braid Pink

Synthetic Jumbo Braid Pink

SKU: 2614

Synthetic Jumbo braid


This braid can be used to make dreadlocks and braids.

The hair can be properly steamed & can be teased, and gives beautiful ends.

It is also easy to handle, if you want to make nice Viking braids from it, for example.

You can also mix the hair well, creating your own perfect color.

Each pack contains 80 grams of hair, which is delivered folded into 60 cm.

The hair is made without a chemical coating and a lot of attention has been paid to finding a hair type that does not itch or itch.

Because this is of course not nice and pleasant!

The hair also comes without plastic, and everything is bunched with rope.

For a full head of thinner dreadlocks, use 7 bunches of hair.

Do you want average thickness dreadlocks? then you use 6 bunches of hair.

And for thicker dreadlocks, 5 bunches are enough.