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Synthetic Wavy Light Grey

Synthetic Wavy Light Grey


Beautiful synthetic wavy hair, can be used for making dreadlocks & braids.


The weight is 85 grams per bunch.

The length is 50/55 cm, and if you pull out the hair a little you reach 60 cm.

the hair is produced without chemical coating.

So you don't suffer from itchy, irritating skin.

The hair is also nice and soft and gives beautiful ends!


If you want to make dreadlocks, you only have to dread a small piece to achieve a super full and curly result.

In this case I use 1 bunch to make 20DE medium thickness dreadlocks.

So for a full head you need 3 bunches. 

The hair can be perfectly mixed with other colors, making the end result resemble a full head of real curls.


The hair requires little extra care.

This means that, just like 'normal' dreadlocks, they do not require any extra care.

Washing is also ideal, you don't have to take anything apart and it dries wonderfully quickly!