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Decoration Yarn Alpaca & Cotton

Decoration Yarn Alpaca & Cotton


This set of decorative yarn is specially made for wrapping your dreads!


This set consists of 4 Meters Alpaca wool yarn

and 4 meters of cotton/polyester yarn.


-Alpaca wool yarn :

is a wonderfully spun yarn of 100% pure alpaca wool.
The alpaca fibers are untreated, which means that the wool has only been washed and has not been exposed to chemical treatments before dyeing.
This way the natural properties of the yarn remain visible and the yarn has a beautiful shape and structure.


- Cotton / Polyester yarn :

is a wonderfully soft yarn of 50% cotton and 50% polyester micro.

These microfibers are thinner than silk threads and it absorbs  no moisture.

This makes the yarn in combination with cotton suitable for summer as winter decoration! 
the yarn stays  good at  shape and is very durable!