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Dreadlock Spiral Greenz

Dreadlock Spiral Greenz

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Dreadspiral: Your New Best Friend for Dreadlocks!

No dreadlocks without a spiral! For me, the dreadspiral is a real must-have for dreadlocks. It's a great substitute for rubber bands and allows you to create beautiful buns and ponytails without too much effort.

With a dreadspiral you can easily wrap around your dreadlocks and secure it without pinching or even breaking your dreadlocks. In my salon I see dreadlocks every day with pinching and breaking points, often caused by elastics that are too tight. With a dread spiral you prevent this and your bun also looks super decorative.

At Dreads & Frutsels we have been lovingly selling dreadspirals from various brands for years. Dreadspirals work great as a replacement for elastics that are too tight. 'Regular' elastics often pinch your dreads, creating pinch and break points. The chance of this happening is significantly greater if you often wear your dreads in the same way, for example because of your work or sport. You also often have to twist regular elastics twice to secure your bunch of dreads. You can easily solve this problem with one dread spiral, without causing your dreadlocks to break.

The advantages of our dreadspiral:

- Flexible and easy to use.

- Create the nicest updos in an instant.

- 100% vegan material.

- Fun and cheerful designs.

- Handmade with love.

The last photos show you how to wear this spiral. Available in 50 cm.