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Dread Wrap Copper Shell

Dread Wrap Copper Shell

€ 43,50Price

This beautiful dreadwrap is handmade for Dreads& frills.

Created by a creative artist based in France,  with an eye for detail.

This collection of dreadwraps all have natural tones. Hand-dyed fabrics are used, in beautiful colors.

The wraps have beautiful pendants and charms, beads, pendants and painted ribbons as an eye-catcher.


Because fabrics and ribbons are used for the wraps, the wraps are not heavy!

attach the wrap to your own dread. Or loose hair.

In both cases you can remove the wrap in an instant.

This way you can easily choose whether you want to pack the wrap while sleeping, or take it out before going to sleep for convenience.


I always sleep with my wraps, but I'm also used to decorating ;)


A nice short wrap of 30 cm. 

The wraps are one-of-a-kind.

So there is only 1 of each wrap.